The strategy includes using experienced, international operators and a proven system.  Investment criteria is evaluated by one of four international accounting firms:  KPMG, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers International or Deloitte & Touche (known as the Accountant’s of Record). They are a key component of success and administer the royalty flows. The Merchant Bank  only invests in projects with the appropriate joint venture partners that also participate in the development of operations and those recommended by their qualifications via the Accountants of Record.  The Accountants of Record maintain regular reporting of the current status of operations providing the appropriate assurances to the investors of the project quality on an ongoing basis.   In addition ULA assists in establishing the: Accountant of Record, Bank of Record, Contractor of Record etc . . .

An approval process takes place through a specific formula for success.  A key component of the formula uses a carefully designed “template”.

The major strength of the corporate group is its highly skilled team of veteran financial, construction, technical, merchant banking, engineering, consulting, plus production personnel.  It assures that each particular project has the necessary human resources indigenous to each technology required for the ultimate success.  The Merchant Bank believes that critically, an entrepreneurial team is a proviso in today's rapidly changing markets.  We believe that the required caveat for ongoing project success - is having the above pertinent personnel teams available with the added stipulation of having International Accountants of Record analyzing the global supply and demand appropriate to Project Finance of each operation within the particular country.

The management of the financial affairs is one of the Merchant Bank's strongest capabilities.  The support of engineers, technical teams, lawyers, consultants, accountants, plus a variety of support staff internationally experienced in each theatre of operation creates a vehicle to oversee worldwide operations and properties. The Merchant Bank utilizes a comprehensive computerized database to oversee the production costs of each project increment.  The Merchant Bank organizes the tracking of direct project activity in conjunction with the joint venture operators and via The Accountant of Record.  The Company ensures that by the utilization of an international accounting firm(s), the investor records, government regulations, particular country culture/financial skills, plus tax requirements are adequately provided for to ensure returns to investors.


The Merchant Bank is an offshore based closed investment operation that utilizes investment trusts in many cases dependent on the client's objectives and risk propensity directions. The Merchant Bank's goal is to provide superior investment opportunities and returns to its client group.  The investors' financial resources in many cases are owned by sovereign governments. Its preference is for investors to benefit from regular cash flow.  The Merchant Bank does not incur substantial overheads through large administration costs due to its investment criteria and ongoing formula of investment. The Merchant Bank develops projects for organization of the upside potential, to an operating maximum - but minimizes risk inherent to merchant banking by utilizing only experienced international operators.