Via our Joint Venture with a Merchant Banking Group, it allows ULA to act as the Consultant on behalf of parties seeking help in implementing projects globally through the Merchant Banking Group.  We do not facilitate outright lending.  However, for parties/groups that have "skin in the game" and agree to signing a Consultancy Agreement, ULA can offer  opportunities up to over $10 Billion dollars including:  financing country to country commodity exchange programs, country infrastructure, refinery upgrades and especially significant Green Energy Projects  . . . where we typically involve coordination with General Electric-USA and facilitate Corporate International financing registered and approved by the EDC division of the Canadian Government supported and sponsored by the Merchant Banking Group. 


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"Your Link to the Business World"


ULA works closely with many Governments to promote the formation of alliances, partnerships and joint ventures within their respective countries.  Of primary concern are the Energy Sectors, Power Stations and Oil Products (including Refined and Crude).  ULA has a Joint Venture agreement with a merchant bank group (referred to as "The Merchant Bank" until an NDA is signed) and has established relationships that create, plus manage various global investment opportunities.  At the heart of its guaranteed success formula is an unalterable proven template, utilizing the know-how, access to unmatched financing options and a global team of experts. Prime consideration is given to ventures that have an excellent return on investment, are under-capitalized or lack management, skills and/or knowledge and those that can attain the necessary approvals to move forward.

Universal Link Agency Ltd. (ULA) is a Canadian Consulting Company specializing in

Clean-Green Energy projects & technologies, financing major projects globally & international commodity deals.

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